Richard Stace - Employment Law Solicitors

Employment Law Services for Employees

Employees may face any number of challenges in the workplace, which can arise at any time from the outset of the relationship with their employer through to its termination and beyond.

We have particular expertise and experience in dealing with these issues for employee clients. This may involve advice on taking up a new position, problems such as discrimination arising during the employment relationship, or redundancy, exit negotiations and settlement agreements.

We also represent employees in the employment tribunals in claims such as unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Our approach in all these matters is to recommend a plan of action which is designed to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome in a timely and cost-effective way.

  • Advice and guidance

    We provide practical advice and guidance to equip our employee clients to deal with employment issues that they encounter.

    Our approach is to identify your desired outcome and to ensure that you have all the support and assistance you require in order to achieve it.

    Advice and guidance is delivered by email, telephone and in face-to-face meetings.

    Our A-Z of day-to-day issues that we advise on includes:

    • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
    • Contracts of employment and service agreements
    • Director issues
    • Disciplinary proceedings
    • Exit strategies and termination payments
    • Flexible and part-time working
    • Grievances
    • Maternity and parental rights
    • Offers of employment
    • Pay and benefits
    • Performance, ill-health and capability issues
    • Redundancy – including selection and consultation
    • Restrictive covenants and competition
    • Settlements and settlement agreements
    • Transfer of employment (including TUPE)
    • Unfair or constructive dismissal
    • Unpaid wages
    • Whistleblowing
    • Working Time Regulations
  • Employment tribunal claims and representation

    We are experienced in acting for employees in pursuing claims in the employment tribunals. We advise on settlement options and we provide representation at hearings.

    We will identify your objectives at the outset and we will recommend the strategy and tactics that are designed to achieve them.

    Our work involves claims for breaches of many employee rights, including breach of contract, unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.

    We will also act for you under the terms of any legal expenses or other insurance policy that you have already set in place.

  • Settlement agreements

    We frequently advise employee clients who have received an offer of a settlement agreement, and we are expert in doing this.

    Our approach is to identify with you the extent to which the offer and terms are reasonable and whether there is scope for improving them. We will then recommend the best approach to be taken in order to promote your interests, which often includes us, on your behalf, entering into negotiations with your employer.

    Almost invariably, the employer will offer a contribution towards the employee’s legal fees. Often the contribution will be sufficient to meet your fees in full and at other times the employer will increase its contribution in the light of the way in which matters progress. Where it is apparent that a shortfall is likely, we will advise you on your funding options.